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Join a community of artists creating their best work.

Create together, in multi-disciplinary teams, with support from experienced industry mentors.

Get what you need, to be better at what you do.

Create together

We have tribes for passionate amateurs, emerging artists, and established professionals alike.

Create with other artists, at your skill level, in the style of the music you love.

Make your mark

Create at any stage of the production process.

Song writing
Electronic production
Session work

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At mTribe, you can create great songs by utilising the various skills, styles, and expertise of a diverse group of artists.
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What is mTribe

Create great music

Write, record, produce, and gain studio experience in a fun and productive environment.

Attend any one of our multiple weekly “create-sessions”, held at our professional studios in Wyndham.

Master your craft

Thrive in a uniquely structured environment, geared for the modern artist.

Let our staff, with decades of industry experience, in all manner of music styles, support and guide you towards your creative goals.

Release & promote your work

Utilize our in-house marketing systems to easily release and promote your work to the world.

Compete for funding grants from our label, that help you bankroll your promotional activities.


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How does mTribe work?

Together is better

At mTribe, you can create great songs by utilising the various skills, styles, and expertise of a diverse group of artists.

As you collaborate with your teammates to create a new original song, you’ll play a part in the creation process such as developing the song narrative, style, lyrics and chords, recording vocals, laying down instrumental parts or mixing and engineering.

Each team is given a 4-week timeline to complete their part in the overall process which includes attending a weekly 2-hour studio session.

Our team of experts will be available to guide you through the entire creation process to ensure each project is completed and quality standards are being met by all contributors.

Contributors will own all rights to their song, and once it nears its final stage of production it can be presented live at our monthly showcase event for the entire community of artists and industry professionals.

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Membership benefits

Select from any of the three tabs below, and find out what mTribe will do for you!

I’m a

Passionate Amateur

I’m an

Emerging Artist

I’m a

Working Artist

Passionate  Amateur

  • Be part of a community of like-minded creatives so you can enjoy your passion.
  • Structured environment with guidance from experts so you can easily create great music.
  • Access to professional studios and resources saving you money.
  • Focus on your strengths and creating music with other artists in the style of the music you love.
  • Fast track your learning and ability to create original music saving you time.

Emerging Artist

  • Produce higher quality work increasing your chances of career success.
  • 10 x your songwriting process so you can succeed quicker in your chosen career path.
  • Start releasing music on a low budget without spending thousands on traditional recording studios.
  • Increase output of work so you can build your song catalogue quicker than most methods.
  • Increase quality of work so you build career legitimacy and present to labels, festivals, publishers, promoters and bookers.

Working Artist

  • Structured environment giving you the freedom to focus on your expertise to become a specialist in your field.
  • Gain instant access to a diverse range of session artists and producers saving you loads of time sourcing talent.
  • Work with industry professionals to boost your profile and earn credibility in the industry.
  • High output and song credits gaining more exposure, streams and visibility across multiple genres and markets.
  • Network with other professionals to build long term relationships and working opportunities to make a living doing what you love.


Your mTribe membership gives you instant access to collaborate with our entire community of artists, musicians, producers and experts. Write, record, produce and release great music in a professional and fun studio environment and get your music out there quicker and more efficiently for a fraction of the price of traditional recording studios. Upgrade your membership anytime to receive extra studio time or get additional support from our coaches.

Cancel your membership at any time by giving us 4 weeks’ notice. Take advantage of our free 4-week trial to create your first project and find your tribe today.

Membership Pricing

Special: 20% discount for the first 3 months of your membership.
now 28/week

What you get

  • Access an entire community of artists
  • 2 hour weekly studio sessions
  • Have your music released on streaming sites
  • Attend or perform at regular live showcases
  • Support from industry professionals
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Who is mTribe for

No matter your
goals, focus, skill level, musical style, or instrument,
our various tribes are designed to empower you towards creating better together.

Achieve your

Depending on your specific goal, with mTribe you can:

Pursue your passion for music

Get your music out there quicker

Produce high quality music

Get further ahead in your music career

Types of 

Here are just some of the types of artists and their instruments that make up mTribe:

Vocalist / Singer / Top Liner
Lyricist / Rapper
Session Artists
Guitarist – Rhythm and Lead
Piano/ Keyboard players
Sound engineers
+ more!

Skill Level

Wherever you are in your music journey, our various tribes cater for all levels of skill and experience including passionate amateurs, emerging artists and established professionals.

Create music in your Genre and Style

From Pop, Rock, Country and Blues to Hip Hop, RnB, House and anything that grooves.

Take a listen to some of our creations on Spotify.

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Can I work on my own original songs?

Short answer is yes. However, when artists come together to collaborate, it often results in a better creation than most solo projects. That’s the main focus of mTribe.

Who owns the copyright to the songs?
All collaborators on a project will own 100% of the songs copyright. Once a project is completed, copyright assignment in a song’s composition (music and lyrics) and the master sound recording will be formerly agreed and signed off by all parties, making any agreement binding between the project’s collaborators.
Can I join a session remotely?
Yes. Although the best magic happens when artists come together in the studio, members can join the session remotely. Our team will ensure you have all the tools you need to provide the best online experience from the comfort of your home or studio.
Can anyone join mTribe?
Most musicians, artists and producers over 18 are able to join mTribe, however, every applicant will be required to undergo an interview and screening process to determine whether any training is required prior to commencing your first song collaboration.
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The industry standard

Did you know that 96% of the top 50 songs from the past decade were written and produced by a team of artists? Nowadays, music collaboration has become the standard when it comes to creating great music, allowing artists to play to their strengths in the creation process. However, for many artists starting out, the DIY approach is one of the biggest barriers holding artists back from getting their music out to the world. The fact is that when artists come together, it often results in a better creation than most solo projects.

Thankfully, now with mTribe, artists can create great songs by utilising the various skills, resources and expertise of a diverse group of artists and experience the magic of collaboration.

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Our Coaches

Steve Jaz

Managing Director,
Session Artist and Coach Support

Michél Kroll

Head of Music Production,
Coach and mTribe Chief

Jake Howman

Senior Songwriting expert,
coach and tech support

Claire Rayner

Professional vocalist,
songwriter, topliner and artist mentor


"At mTribe, I finally found the perfect place to work alongside other talented musicians, grow as an artist and I’m able to create releasable songs in record time"

Dijana – Singer, Kids Entertainer & Mum
(Passionate Amateur)

"I love that I am able to work and interact with other like-minded musicians and mentors in the studio who help me focus on particular skill-sets. It has been an absolute joy, just to be able to make music here at mTribe."

Alysia – Vocalist
(Passionate Amateur)

"mTribe is an amazing opportunity to build your network with professionals and other emerging talents. There is so much to learn from collaborating with these people, from the overall process of creating to little tips and tricks. The feedback you get is invaluable!"

Xavier – Producer & Vocalist
(Emerging Artist)

"Before mTribe, I used to do everything on my own which felt like a never-ending cycle of adversity. I get to meet and work with so many other artists and producers who have the skills I needed to help me create some of my best work. "

Brett – Producer, Guitarist, Vocalist & Working Artist
(Working Artist/Pro)

"The weekly Mastermind sessions also gave me accountability for getting things done that I had previously avoided in my career. Thanks Steve, Michel, Jake and all my mTribe homies for helping me share my unique voice!"

Brett – Producer, Guitarist, Vocalist & Working Artist
(Working Artist/Pro)

"I love being a part of the mTribe community of creative like-minded artists and the access to high quality recording studios with guidance and support from industry professionals."

Jasper – Singer Songwriter
(Passionate Amateur)

"mTribe is an incredibly inspiring and motivating atmosphere which helps me focus on my own path and style alongside others on their own journeys. All at an incredibly affordable price!"

Jasper – Singer Songwriter
(Passionate Amateur)

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Our studios are conveniently located at Stockland shopping centre surrounded by cafes, bars, and restaurants with direct access to underground car parks and lift access.


705/1 Main St, Point Cook VIC 3030