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Do you want to become a paid working artist in today’s music industry?

Music Valley’s Career Development Program is specifically geared towards giving you everything you need to succeed at that goal.

We offer a highly practical, flexible, and cost-effective program that equips you with the tools, knowledge, and strategies you need to establish a stable, full-time, paid career in the music industry.

‘Unleash the Artist’ is the core module of our Career Development Program for artists.

See below to find out what Unleash the Artist can do for you.

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What is Unleash The Artist?

UTA is the core module of Music Valley’s Career Development Program.
UTA will:

Help you decide what kind of music career you want, based on what excites you about the music industry

Help you develop a practical plan to achieve your career vision, that fits within your time and budget

Empower you to develop and market your music, and the products and services you want to offer

Provide you with the information, support, and accountability you need to succeed at executing each step of your career plan, with the help from our experienced industry experts

Lastly, become a top performer in UTA and you will earn access to the Music Valley Marketplace. Click here to find out more about how the Marketplace provides you paid work opportunities

Who is Unleash The Artist for?

UTA is for musicians, artists, producers, and educators who are ready to work towards developing their career and want to create income from their music, and the products and services they are offering.

The program will help you achieve income from sources such as:

  1. Gigs & studio work
  2. Offering music production services
  3. Earning streaming and mechanical royalties as a songwriter, composer, or producer
  4. Teaching & mentoring emerging artists
  5. Providing marketing, promotion, and event management services
  6. Selling your own merchandise
  7. Gaining sponsorships, and fan clubs and patronage memberships
  8. Realising digital ad income, such as via your own YouTube channel

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How UTA works

UTA is comprised of two elements:

Element 1 – Quarterly career planning

An ongoing, quarterly, 1-on-1, practical career planning session with your dedicated Career Mentor.

This personalised practical session includes:

  • Individual proactive sessions with your Career Mentor
  • Development of your customised road map to success

Element 2 – Weekly upskilling and mentoring

A weekly 75-minute session with your peers and dedicated Mentor.

This weekly session includes:

  • Gaining the knowledge and tools you need to successfully develop and market your music, and the products and services you want to offer
  • The practical support and accountability you need to execute the steps required to achieve your career vision

Click here for a detailed breakdown of each element.


“I have been slaving away in the music industry for 10 years now and reached a point where I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the little returns or appreciation for the amount of effort I was putting in.

I would never say these words lightly about anyone, so when I say this, it comes from a place of absolute gratitude and appreciation. After going through with Steve’s training, I felt that I’d learned more about the industry in those 7 weeks than I had in 10 years!

It equipped me with the knowledge & confidence I needed to take that step into becoming a professional, and stepping out of my amateur clothes. I have already applied Steve’s techniques, and I saw my merch sales skyrocket at my shows from a 20-30% to an 80% sales conversion rate!”

Chooka Parker – Australia’s Got Talent Sensation
Musician/Composer/TV Personality & YouTuber
(over 25 million collective YouTube streams)

“Before I started the program, I had only about 1 or 2 clients per year, making no money from production services, having to rely on other jobs.

Since I started this process, I learned about sales, marketing strategies, accountability, and a lot of things changed my mind about the way I see the music business. Once I started to put in practice the things I learned, everything changed.

Currently I’m working with 3 artists, doing one full album and two EPs making $20,000 from these projects.

It’s not magic. You just have to follow the process and things start to happen.”

Boris – Music Producer
(New World Audio Production)

“The weekly Mastermind sessions gave me accountability for getting things done that I had previously avoided in my career. Thanks Steve, Michel, Jake and all my homies for helping me share my unique voice!”

Brett – Producer, Guitarist, Vocalist & Working Artist
(The Confident Musician)


Sign up today and come join other like-minded, career driven artists, who are on the same journey as you. Build relationships today that will serve you well for the rest of your career.

Membership Pricing


Find out more about UTA

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What You Get

  • Quarterly, 60 minute Career Planning sessions with your Career Mentor
  • Your own customised Career Development Plan
  • Clear direction and roadmap on how to achieve your career vision
  • Structure to help you turn this into weekly, achievable, realistic tasks
  • New content delivered each week by industry experts
  • Increase in your productivity to achieve your goals faster
  • Accountability and support by your peers and our team of experts
  • Weekly live 75 minute sessions plus round table style discussion Q&A
  • Join a community of like-minded, career driven artists
  • Earn credibility as a professional in your chosen field of expertise
  • Increase your capability to get paid work, gigs, and make an income doing what you love

Music Valley Marketplace

The Music Valley Marketplace proactively finds customers who are looking to purchase your music services and/or products and matches customers with the right supplier of those services.

Types of paid working opportunities include:

  • Gigs and session work
  • Recording and music production
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Teaching, coaching, and mentoring
  • Marketing, administration, and events management

This unique opportunity is offered to our top performers in ‘Unleash the Artist’ to help them establish a stable, full-time income in the music industry.

Find out more about UTA

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Come experience UTA for yourself

Element 1

Career Planning

Every 3 months

Upon commencing Unleash The Artist, you will participate in your first career planning session. Clear focus is a huge part of achieving career success.

Working closely with your dedicated Career Mentor:

  • We help you decide the type of music career you want
  • We then map out a customised path for you on how you’re going to achieve that vision, and break this down into achievable steps over a 3-month period
  • With this, you will now have a clear career vision, and a solid understanding of what you need to do to get there

Upon completion of this session, you will receive your own unique Music Career Development Plan, including:

  • Your career vision statement
  • Your career roadmap; and
  • Your objectives and tasks for the next 3 months

Career planning sessions occur every 3 months with your dedicated Career Mentor to review and adjust your Career Development Plan accordingly. At each session, your career vision and path will come into greater focus as you develop and progress.

These quarterly objectives are then broken down into individual monthly goals that you can work through with your peers during your weekly meetings.

Each member will have full access to their customised Career Development Plan and objectives, which details their quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals.

Element 2

Weekly Mentoring Meetings

The weekly meetings provide you with the knowledge, skills, support, and accountability you need to develop and market your own music, and the products and services you want to offer. There are two parts to these weekly meetings.

Part A: Knowledge & Skill Development

Each week, our team of mentors will present new content and information on a range of topics that will help you develop and market your music and the products and services you want to offer. This includes a question-and-answer session, with a subject matter expert to ensure you get the most out of these sessions.

We then ask you to take away what you have learned and directly apply it to your current career tasks to reinforce the knowledge gained.

Our team of mentors, subject matter experts, and Music Valley industry partners facilitates your meetings and sessions.

Part B: Support and Accountability

In UTA, we use the, “Measure What Matters” planning system. This system is used by some of the most successful musicians and companies in the world, such as Google, Spotify, and even Bono from U2.

This system will help you to set very specific and achievable monthly and weekly tasks, in line with your Career Development Plan.

Each week, each member of your 8-person UTA group will discuss:

  • The tasks they had set to execute last week
  • What they actually achieved; and
  • The new tasks they plan to execute the following week

    Your Mentor and peers will then provide you with feedback in a round table style format which includes advice on how to best tackle your next objective.

    This structure ensures that each task is set in line with realistic expectations and that each participant maintains a high degree of clarity, focus, and execution to stay on course and achieve their career vision.

    Selection of topics covered

    • Social media tips and strategies
    • Event promotion
    • Marketing campaign support
    • Industry trends
    • Releasing & distribution
    • Effective collaboration & networking
    • Marketing strategies
    • Product development
    • Artist Image, branding and narrative
    • Identifying your target audience and niche
    • Creating agreements and negotiation
    • Pitching your music to agents, labels, and promoters
    • Managing finances, tax, and administration
    • Selling your music products and services

    Find out more about UTA

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    • 10 x your productivity
    • Reach your goals quicker
    • Remove all the barriers in your journey so you can get your music heard
    • Gain clarity and direction to navigate in your chosen field
    • Join a community of like minded career driven artists
    • Earn credibility as a professional in your chosen field and expertise
    • Increase your level of professionalism and build your capability to get work, gigs and make an income doing what you love

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